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Manba Kogen Lodge

Comfortable guesthouse at the heart of Kannabe's mountains

If you are looking for a warm and comfy stay in Japan, we welcome you to Manba Kogen Lodge! Located right next to Kannabe's famous ski slopes, our lodge is the ideal place to immerse yourself in Japan's beautiful nature.


  • High quality guesthouse that you can enjoy like a holiday home. Only one group is accepted at a time, and personally accommodated by the lodge owner, Mitsuo.

  • Stay as a private group of up to 10 people.

  • Immerse yourself in beautiful sceney right from your window.

  • Shared shower and bathroom with toiletries provided.

  • Freshly prepared meals and snacks.

  • Movies, music, comfortable lounge and big cozy sofa.

  • Direct access to the ski slope, trekking trail and mountaintop, and in driving distance of travel destinations in Hyogo, Osaka & Kyoto.

Lodge activities


Relax outdoors on the porch

and enjoy the beautiful sights

of Kannabe Highlands.


Enjoy a live Japanese cooking show, and healthy, authentic Japanese cuisine handmade by Mitsuo.


A personal tour of the Tajima area,

with local destinations recommended by Mitsuo himself.



Manba Kogen Lodge can be accessed by bus or train, however it is difficult to travel up the mountain by yourself. For this reason, we have a pick-up service by car for all guests.

Recommended for guests traveling from abroad. There may be extra service costs.

Recommended for guests traveling from other areas of Japan. Ride the limited express train from Kyoto or Osaka to JR Ebara station, and we will pick you up from the station for a 15 min drive to the lodge.

Pick up at Kansai International Airport

Pick up at JR Ebara Station

Other locations are also possible to your convenience. Please do not hesitate to discuss the trip with us.

Travel plans

Here are some of our recommended itineraries for your stay at Manba Kogen Lodge.


Discovering Tajima


For travelers with limited time on their schedule, we recommend exploring the attractions around the Tajima region.


Discovering Kansai


For longer-term travelers, in addition to the Tajima region, you can also visit famous attractions like Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka.

About Mitsuo

Hello, I'm Mitsuo, an architect and CEO of Kohun Construction, an architecture firm based in Kannabe. Born in Kyoto in 1964, I grew up in Osaka. In 1991, I moved to the Kannabe highlands, and now I manage three businesses: Kohun Construction Architecture Company, an organic cafe named "BOSK," and an accommodation business - Manba Kogen Lodge.

My passion for travel has taken me to various places, including Australia, America, Europe, and Asia (Thailand, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Laos). I have a deep interest in the people and cultures of Southeast Asia. These experiences have shaped my values, aligning with Japanese samurai who cherish knowledge, spirit, and meaningful experiences.


With this in mind, I established Manba Kogen Lodge as a space to connect and foster relationships with people worldwide, especially those from Southeast Asia. A warm welcome awaits you at Manba Kogen Lodge, where you can experience genuine Japanese hospitality.

Feel free to explore and connect with us at Manba Kogen Lodge.

My normal life's images

My daily organic meals

Kohun Construction

Kohun Construction Co., Ltd (seed+) specializes in eco-friendly housing construction in the Tajima region, spanning the cities of Toyooka, Yabu City, and Asago. The company’s motto is 'Let's build a life-changing home', aiming to build a house which does not only focus on cost and convenience but also fosters a “rich life" (of happiness, energy, value and education) that will last generations.

seed+ aims to build a house that lives with the earth. Using natural materials such as stucco, timber, glass, stone, and iron, seed+ creates a living space that allows people to feel close to nature in daily lives.


Beyond construction, seed+ has expanded into the restaurant industry with BOSK cafe, accommodation, and also travel.

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