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Co-op Days

Local mall with popular Japanese restaurants

A local mall with good quality and variety of clothing and cosmetics. There is a big supermarket inside as well as a sushi and udon dining experience.


40 mins


JR Toyooka Station

Local shopping mall for daily needs

If shopping is what you need, Co-op days in downtown Toyooka has it all. The shops inside are mostly for daily life rather than tourists, with a supermarket, drug store, clothing, and a large sprawling bookstore, but souvenirs are still possible to find.

Find Japan’s popular restaurant franchises

Kura Sushi

Kura Sushi is a revolving sushi franchise that can be found throughout Japan. The sushi is served by a conveyor belt that runs throughout the restaurant, and you are free to grab the plates as you please. Beginning at 115 yen per plate, it isn’t an expensive meal at all!

For first-timers, this restaurant is a cute display of technology. When you put the plates through a chute at your table, the plates are counted, and every 5 plates gets a gacha pull for some anime merch the restaurant is collaborating with, accompanied by various silly animations on a screen at your table. It’s fun and cute, and can make the meal quite entertaining.

For further information, please access the official website:

Marugame Udon Shop

Marugame is a popular udon franchise known as Japanese “fast food”. The store is crowded at meal times and the prices are worthwhile.

For further information, please access the official website:

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