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Hiking in Kannabe - Climbing to Mt. Sobu and Mt. Oosugi

Enjoy the nature along a lava trail

Whether it's sunny or rainy, you can participate in the exploration of the Kannabe forest and volcano. The volcanic activities have created beautiful lava caves in this forest, and the Maruyama River leads to the Hattan Waterfall.


2 mins by foot



Walk along a lava trail in Kannabe

Mt. Kannabe is a volcanic mountain active 25,000 years ago, leaving the area with volcanic rocks. One common rock you can find at most sites is scoria, a type of porous volcanic rock born from lava that cooled down midair after being ejected by a volcano. Lovers of nature or geology will love collecting rocks from here!

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Sobu Mountain Hiking

Manba Kogen Lodge is situated next to the entrance of a well-known hiking trail in Sobu mountain. The path goes along a small stream, crossing it several times and leads to the summit. You can also travel to Kannabe mountain opposite of Sobu and explore there.

We have maps and pamphlets that you can consult for information of a nice hike. There are routes to explore the volcanic mountain, a waterfalls trail, or follow the historical lava flow.

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