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Junsei Nabe Tofu

A renowned Kyoto kaiseki restaurant with its specialty being Yudofu (tofu hot pot).

Junsei is located next to Nanzenji Temple, specializing in tofu and offering an entire menu dedicated to soy-based dishes in the form of kaiseki - a traditional Japanese high-quality cuisine meal.


2 hours 40 mins


Ke-age Station

Nanzenji Junsei

Nanzenji Junsei" is a well-known Kyoto kaiseki restaurant located in Kyoto, specializing in Yudofu (tofu hot pot). Guests at Nanzenji Junsei can enjoy the leisurely experience of savoring the specialty "Yudofu" and seasonal ingredients while overlooking a beautiful garden from their seats. The signature "Kyoto kaiseki" course, which allows patrons to taste both the famous "yudofu" and seasonal flavors, features "yudofu" served after dishes like seasonal appetizers and sashimi.

Established in 1962, Nanzenji Junsei operates within the historic premises of the Junsei Academy, a medical school founded in the late Edo period and designated as a registered tangible cultural property by the Japanese government. This popular restaurant is renowned for its Yudofu, served in the very same location where the academy once operated.


The cuisine at Nanzenji Junsei revolves around tofu and yuba as the focal points of the meal. The courses follow the Choteau Kaiseki cuisine style, incorporating various Kyoto vegetables into their dishes. Nanzenji Junsei's tofu has a historical significance, introduced to Japan from China during the Nara period, primarily for temple vegetarian dishes. In the Muromachi period, it gained popularity among commoners and was even served in tea houses. During the Edo period, tofu from Nanzenji Temple became particularly renowned. Apart from their regular meals, the chefs at Nanzenji Junsei cater to different dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences, offering various meal options, including vegetarian choices.

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