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Yakushiji Temple

Temple of healing with renowned Buddhist statue collection and grand premises

Yakushiji Temple is the first temple in Japan to be constructed with two main halls. The Yakushi Triad (housed in the Main Hall, Kondo) is a collection of main images that have survived since the temple's establishment and are renowned as some of the most beautiful Buddhist statues in the world.


3 hours


Kintetsu Nishinokyo Station

History of Yakushiji Temple

Yakushiji was founded in 680 by Emperor Tenmu to pray for his consort’s recovery from illness. However, as of present day, none of the original structures remain except the east pagoda, due to the temple being destroyed repeatedly by disasters throughout history. The current temple grounds are a reconstruction of the original architecture that began in the 20th century. The reconstructions are finished as of 2023, with the west pagoda being finished only recently.

What is special in Yakushiji Temple?

The area inside Yakushiji is quite large with two halls and two pagodas. Inside each building are a wide collection of Buddhist statues which you can admire or pay respects.

East pagoda (left), West pagoda (middle), Main Hall (right)

The most significant of these is the Yakushi Triad, a set of three bronze Buddhist statues displayed in the main hall. The center statue is the healing Buddha Yakushi Nyorai, with two attendants Nikko and Gakko to the side. These statues remain in a mostly complete state despite surviving many disasters throughout the times, and have now been designated as National Treasures.

No photography is allowed inside the halls, but outside is fine. The monks also do daily sermons each day, which might interest you if you know Japanese.

Entrance fee: 1100 yen for halls only, 1600 yen for halls and pagodas

For further information, please access the official website:

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