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Hattan Waterfall

Tallest of Kannabe’s many waterfalls

Standing at a height of 24 meters, the Hattan Waterfall hides amidst the valleys of the Kannabe Plateau. Renowned for its emerald green pond, the Hattan Waterfall is one of the must-visit attractions in the Kannabe Plateau.

Access from lodge

10 mins

Access by public transportation


There are many waterfalls in Kannabe, but Hattan Waterfall or Hattan no Taki (八反の滝) is the closest to the lodge. With the name referencing the length of the waterfall with Japanese expression 布八反 - 8 ends of cloth, the waterfall stands at a height of 24 meters and plunges straight into a beautiful emerald pond.

It is a great place to enjoy cool, calm nature for a while, and also a great place to find rocks! Here you can easily find both huge and tiny scoria, a dark colored porous volcanic rock that was dispersed around the area over 25,000 years ago. Swimming in the water is prohibited, though.

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