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Kinosaki Onsen

A picturesque village on the Japan Sea Coast and one of the best places to enjoy an onsen (hot spring).

Kinosaki Onsen (城崎温泉) is located in northern Hyogo Prefecture on the coast of the Sea of Japan. This pleasant town, built along a willow-lined river, is one of the top onsen destinations of the Kansai.

Access from lodge

50 mins

Access by public transportation

JR Kinosaki Onsen Station

About Kinosaki?

Kinosaki Onsen is a region in Hyogo Prefecture featuring 7 public bathhouses situated along a river adorned with willow trees. These bath facilities are infused with hot spring water at a temperature of 42°C (107.6°F), renowned for its therapeutic effects on nerve, muscular, and stomach pain.

Encompassing these bathhouses are numerous traditional inns ("ryokan" in Japanese), providing accommodations for overnight stays and the opportunity to relish traditional Japanese meals.

In the evenings, guests of the local ryokan stroll around town in yukata and geta (wooden clogs), visiting the numerous public baths and nostalgic game arcades. If you're lodging at one of the town's ryokan or hotels, you can access these facilities for free (using a scannable bracelet provided by your accommodations). For day visitors, the entrance fee can be paid in cash with an affordable price (¥800).

When to visit Kinosaki?

Kinosaki has it own attractions in every season. During winter time (November to March), Japanese visitors often visit there to try the renowned snow crab delicacies in this region of Japan. The irresistible combination of excellent onsen experiences and delectable crab cuisine makes it a compelling destination.

Kinosaki is also beautiful during the cherry blossom season (late March and early April) and the foliage season (October and November). But, really, the best time to visit Kinosaki is anytime you want to really relax. Sure, an onsen isn’t that tempting in a hot Japanese summer, but you can always cool off in a cold bath after soaking in the hot tubs.

The 7 public onsens (Soto-yu) in Kinosaki

There are the seven public “soto-yu” onsen, which are listed below together with the official link form Kinosaki website. For further information, please access these attached link.

  • Yanagi-yu

  • Ichino-yu

  • Satono-yu

  • Kono-yu

  • Mandara-yu

  • Goshono-yu

  • Jizo-yu

Most onsens are open from around 7 am to 11 pm, with one day off per week. It takes about 20 minutes to stroll through Kinosaki Onsen from one end to the other at a leisurely pace. During this walk, you'll pass by all seven public hot spring bathhouses, each possessing its unique charm and providing a soothing bathing experience.

Another place to go: Cafe Lamp Eye

We highly recommend you this cafe shop, a place where you can spend for a peaceful time. This café and sweets shop is situated in a nature-rich area, on the opposite bank of the Maruyama River from Kinosaki Onsen Station. Resembling a mountain hut, the interior is known to be a stylish space adorned with antique furniture. Optimal for relaxation, the sofa seats offer a comfortable vantage point to enjoy the lush surroundings.

Menu here offer sweet (mostly waffles) as well as drinks including cafe and tea. Check out their beautiful view with the lush back garden.

For further information, please access the official website:

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