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Ojiro Nature site - Kami Town

The most beautiful village in Japan.

Ojiro Valley is located at the headwaters of the Yadagawa River, formed within a deep rock wall winding through pristine and deep mountain forests. The valley is one of the few preserved areas of high-altitude alpine vegetation.

Access from lodge

31 mins

Access by public transportation

Ojiro Clinic Bus Stop

Kami town - Ojiro: The most beautiful village in Japan

Kami-cho is situated in Tajima, in the northern part of Hyogo prefecture, surrounded by mountains and terraced rice fields. The name "Ojiro" originates from the characters 小代, which can be translated to "the small rice fields."

The town boasts "Ojiro-dani," a valley that shapes the Yatagawa river, flowing from the middle of the city to the northern area. This valley is recognized as "One town, one valley," emphasizing that a single valley is entirely within one town.

Ojiro is renowned for its impressive terraced fields, displaying beauty throughout the year. Among them, the "Ueyama Terraced Fields," although not large in scale, features unique winding ridges on the slopes and a stunning panoramic view, earning it recognition as "one of the best 100 terraced fields in Japan."

This unique geological feature has played a crucial role in the advancement of Japanese cattle breeding in the region. Ojiro is also known as the birthplace of the original Tajima Gyu breed, the primary source of the world-famous Wagyu beef.

The cows here are carefully raised with nutritious herbs and medicinal plants in their diet. They receive love and meticulous care, especially through closed breeding systems to maintain genetic diversity and pass down favorable traits.

Kusube valley

Kusube Valley is situated in Ojiro Ward, Kami Town. It serves as one of the origins of the Yadagawa River, which ultimately empties into the Sea of Japan. The term "Kusube Valley" specifically denotes the upstream region of the Kusube River at the base of Mt. Buttonoo (1227m).

Kusube Valley is not only rich in primeval forests but also a haven for captivating waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the tranquil sounds of the Kusube River as you indulge in a therapeutic walk through the forest. The refreshing atmosphere, especially cool during the summer, allows you to rejuvenate both your body and soul amidst the negative ions emanating from the waterfalls and valleys.

Ojiro has the Yoshitaki Falls, which is a designated cultural property, monument, and place of scenic beauty in Hyogo prefecture. The view from behind Yoshitaki Falls resembles a cascading curtain, flanked by Kintaki Falls (Gold Falls) on one side and Gintaki Falls (Silver Falls) on the other. The panorama of the surrounding area and mountains, particularly near Shima Pond, is truly magnificent.

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