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1001 life-sized wooden statues of the goddess Kannon are enshrined along a magnificently long hall

Originally, this place was named Rengeoin Temple. Later, the location took its name from the main hall - Sanjusandendo, where 1001 life-sized wooden statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, in her thousand-armed form, are enshrined along the entire length of the hall.

Access from lodge

2 hours 40 mins

Access by public transportation

Shichijo Station on Keihan Main Line, Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae Bus Stop

Sanjusangendo was founded by warrior-politician Taira no Kiyomori in 1164 for the then Emperor Go-Shirakawa as part of his compound. The temple has then been of great significance throughout the years. The building is made with a distinct Wayo (Japanese) style architecture with 33 spaces between the columns, earning its name Sanjuusangendou (三十三間堂) meaning ‘hall with 33 spaces’.

The thousand statues in Sanjusangendo

Sanjusangendo is known for its long main hall, with a length of up to 120 meters, where the collection of a thousand statues of the Thousand Armed Kannon reside. It is a spectacular sight to behold, as a relic of the glory of Japan’s Heian Period. Other statues of Kanon’s guardian deities also line the building.

It is not allowed to take pictures inside nor distribute them without official permission, so please visit the official website for some more recent photos, or visit the temple to witness the magnificence yourself.

For further information, please access the official website: (Japanese)

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