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​Thắc mắc chung

  • What is Manba Kogen Lodge?
    Manba Kogen Lodge is a private lodge built to welcome and create good relationship with our guests. We hope this business is a good start to make strong connections between Japan (Kannabe) and people from around the world!
  • How can I travel to the lodge?
    Pickup at JR Ebara Station (in Tajima area) is free. Picking up at other areas outside Tajima, such as Kansai International Airport, will have extra costs.
  • What types of rooms does the lodge have? Can I choose my room?
    We have 2 single rooms and 6 twin rooms. You can choose any room you like, as we accommodate only one party at a time.
  • Is there any free wifi?
    We have free wifi in the lodge. If you need to use internet outside of the lodge, we recommend you to buy a travelling sim for the best experience.
  • Are there private bathrooms?
    There are no private (in-guestroom) bathrooms inside our lodge. All bathrooms are shared but in very good and clean conditions.
  • Can I do laundry at the lodge?
    There is a washing machine downstairs and we can provide you with a hanger to dry your clothes inside your room.
  • How can I make a reservation?
    You can make your reservation on the booking page, or inquire directly through the contact page.
  • How much does it cost to stay here?
    Usually, the cost of staying for 1 night is 4,000 JPY per person (not including any meals). For further information about the cost, please see the cost breakdown in the booking page.
  • Does the cost 4000 JPY include the transportation?
    The cost of 4,000 JPY only includes transportation around the Tajima area. If you travel to other areas like Osaka, Nara, or Kyoto, you will have to pay additional fees such as car fuel, ticket price etc.
  • Will there be any additional fee?
    We want you to clearly understand that 4000 JPY is the basic and lowest fee for one person on this trip to Manba Kogen Lodge. Additional fees that may be included: If your tour group has more than 6 people, we will need to rent a larger car to pick you up. Transportation and pickup in areas outside of Tajima area, such as Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. You will need to pay an extra for gasoline as well as highway fees. If you want to take the train or highway bus to Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, you also need to pay the ticket fare yourself. Hotel costs for overnight stays in Osaka, Nara and Kyoto (for long-term guests).
  • What is the weather and temperature like each season?
    Please visit this page for more details.
  • Are there any events or festivals around the area?
    Many events are held throughout the year. Dates for many events in the area are decided within about 2 months of the event start, but here is a general schedule. March: First Day of the Horse FestivaL April: Tanto Tulip Festival, Kinosaki Cherry Blossom Illumination, Toyooka Sweets Festival, Onsen Festival July: Tanto Sunflower Festival, Summer Festival, Takeno Beach Fireworks Show August: Kinosaki Bon Odori, Kinosaki Fireworks and Lantern Festival, Toyooka Yanagi Matsuri, Izushi Atago Fire Festival Sep: Toyooka Theater Festival Oct: Izushi and Kinosaki Fall Danjiri Festivals Nov: Ankokuji Temple Foliage Viewing in Tanto, Izushi Castle Festival, Crab Festival Dec: Kinosaki Crab Santa Please check out the official events page for the most updated information.
  • What should I bring for the trip?
    Personal medicine, charging adapter (in Japan we use flat 2-pin power sockets).
  • I do not know Japanese, is that ok?
    It's ok even if you do not know Japanese. Mitsuo can speak English so at least, if you can use English too, everything will go smoothly!
  • I have allergies/special requests for my dinner.
    If you have any special requests or conditions about allergies, please notify us and we will adjust the menu for you.
  • Are there any convenience stores or supermarkets near there?
    There are convenience stores and supermarkets around this area but are a long walk from the lodge. If you need to buy anything, just notify us to drive you there.
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