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Izushi Castle Town

Historic castle ruins and traditional atmosphere

The ruins of Izushi Castle and the historic district of Izushi are always an ideal destination for travelers seeking the nostalgic charm of Japan's Edo period. Additionally, the soba noodles and Sukyoji Shrine are also worthwhile places to visit and experience.

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Izushi Bus Stop

What to see around Izushi castle ruins

The ruins of Izushi castle, which once was the center of the Izushi domain in the Edo period (1603 – 1867), remains at this town. Only the castle ruins and rebuilt towers and gates remain, but the area is still preserved as a symbol of the town.

On top, inside the ruins, is a shrine with hundreds or red gates, known as torii, leading up to it, a view much similar to Kyoto’s famous Fushimi Inari shrine. Though it is a quiet place today, this town was once very prosperous, even earning it the title of Little Kyoto!

This traditional clock tower can be seen throughout Izushi, but the largest is Shinkoro Clock Tower, located in the town center. Built in 1871, Shinkoro Clock Tower is known for being the oldest Japanese-style clock tower in the world.

Recommended foods


Izushi is very well known for soba, and has a unique way of serving it on many small plates. Try out a local restaurant to experience this eating style. The local gift shops also contain countless soba souvenirs, from noodles to sweets made from Soba. Here is a soba donut I tried!


Ohagi is a traditional Japanese sweet made with glutinous rice and red bean paste filling. You can grab a bite at a local store to try it out! The texture is soft and chewy, with the sweet taste of red beans.

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