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Kuromon Market

Famous fish market and Japanese street food

Kuromon Ichiba Market is situated in the heart of Osaka, Minami. The most famous fish here is pike in the summer and Fugu in the winter. The Kuromon market area is vibrant, with a covered roof spanning about 580m, featuring around 150 shops and always bustling with people.

Đi từ lodge

3 hours

Đi bằng phương tiện công cộng

Namba Station on Midosuji Line, Nipponbashi Station on Sennichimae Line

At Kuromon Market, you can find both souvenirs and fresh foods. The market is especially known for fresh fish, which locals buy to use as ingredients, but also small servings that you can eat immediately are also sold.

One of the market's specialties is that many stores not only sell larger quantities of food for later consumption, but also sell smaller portions that can be eaten immediately. Some of the dishes offered are grilled seafood, including crab legs and oysters, yakitori, sea urchin, sushi, eel, seasonal fruits and the staple street food takoyaki.

Note that Kuromon Market can be crowded. When eating street food, make sure not to walk while eating, dispose of trash properly, and handle food carefully so as not to stain the clothes of passersby.

For further information, please access the official website:

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