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Takeno Beach

A secluded beach just down the way from a famous onsen.

Takeno is a quiet fishing town with beautiful nature, friendly residents, and traditional houses. The town features great hiking spots with views of the ocean and the entire town, as well as canoeing and swimming in the summer.

Đi từ lodge

40 mins

Đi bằng phương tiện công cộng

JR Takeno Station

What is in Takeno?

The Takeno Coast area in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, is renowned for having some of the clearest sea waters in the Kansai region. Besides the main Takeno-hama Beach, there are additional beaches like Aoi-hama Wanwan Beach, designated for dogs, Benten-hama Beach with a campground, and Kiri-hama Beach, featuring the mystical rock Hasakari-iwa and the sea cave Yodo no Domon.


Yodo no Domon

Visitors can partake in various marine activities such as swimming, marine athletics, geo canoe marine adventure, wanwan canoe for dogs, and diving. The Takeno Kids Experience Village offers activities like salt making, fire-starting, candle making, and more. In summer, the breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset over the sea create unforgettable moments.

For those exploring the more renowned Kinosaki Onsen area, discovering this nearby beach might come as a delightful surprise. Although the vicinity lacks many refreshment options, the beach itself offers everything needed for a day surrounded by natural beauty and crystal-clear water.

When to visit Takeno?

The peak season here is summer. During this season, the Takeno coast's beach can become crowded, but the surrounding area remains relatively secluded. Situated a few hours north of Kyoto city or accessible by a coastal train ride from Tottori Prefecture, one of GaijinPot Travel's Top Destinations of 2019, this beach offers a retreat for travelers seeking a taste of local life. Visitors come here for camping, beach activities, or to stay in one of the nearby seaside hotels.

In the summer, immerse yourself in the town's annual summer festival and fireworks show. Held every year on July 30th, the Takeno Summer Festival marks the beginning of the summer festival season in the area. Boats adorned with approximately 2,000 fireworks are stationed in the bay, launching the fireworks above the water and creating a breathtaking display that is truly unparalleled

Even it is not summer, you still can wander along this seaside and enjoy the peaceful scenery here. Let's try to hike throught the forest Nekozaki Penisula, cycle around town on a rental bike. Or, take a leisurely stroll to enjoy the relaxing ambience of the town and its traditional buildings.

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