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Manba Kogen Lodge at Kannabe Highlands

A personal encounter
with the Japanese countryside

What you'll find
at Manba Kogen Lodge

Time to stop and smell the roses

At Manba Kogen Lodge, we believe that travel is about feeling and enjoyment, from culture to cuisine, from nature to architecture. Thus, we prioritize relaxing and healing "real travel" for the tourists who visit.

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Meet the warmth of Japanese hospitality

We personally accommodate one group at a time, providing you with an intimate experience with the locals. We not only focus on the travels, but more importantly, we aim to turn this into a place of relaxation and warmth, just like your own home.

Your health is our priority

We carefully select the ingredients used in our food preparation. From the meals to every coffee cup you enjoy all use naturally grown, chemical-free ingredients, ensuring the finest, most wholesome flavors and the best for your health.


“More than a tour, it is about enjoying your life.”

Kannabe Highlands

Key attractions in Kannabe include the crater and waterfalls shaped by recent volcanic activity in the Kinki area. Lush green forests cover the mountains, accompanied by trails leading to beautiful jungle explorations or trekking routes beneath the ancient lava flows of the volcano. With its rich natural environment, visitors can always engage in entertaining activities in Kannabe throughout the year!

Some attractions in the area

Izushi Castle Town


30 KM / 50 MIN DRIVE

The Edo-era atmosphere and culture is preserved here, which can be found in castle ruins, soba noodles, and traditional Kabuki theater.


Takeno Beach


21 KM / 40 MIN DRIVE

Sandy beaches and clear blue waters, a seaside town for summer adventures.


Genbudo Park


31 KM / 47 MIN DRIVE

Originating from a volcanic eruption 1.6 million years ago, the cooled lava in this area has shaped hexagonal rock columns.


Hyogo Park of the Oriental White Stork


29 KM / 46 MIN DRIVE

A specialized institution focused on the conservation and return of Oriental White Stork (known as Kounotori) into the wild. The road around this park is perfect for walking and watching storks.


Kinosaki Onsen


33 KM / 47 MIN DRIVE

Comfortable hot springs and streets for the most authentic Japanese experience.


Kannabe Forests



Walk through the lava flow created by Kannabe volcano and the constant stream in Inaba River. Or explore the big old trees to see the scenery from 14m above the ground.


Enjoy your Kannabe stay at Manba Kogen Lodge

Manba Kogen Lodge is located in the mountainous region of Kannabe in the city of Toyooka, Northern Hyogo Prefecture, offering an authentic guesthouse experience. After a day of sightseeing and exploring tourist attractions, guests can unwind here, savor delicious meals, and wake up to the crisp morning air amidst the natural mountainous surroundings.

Love from our guests

About Mitsuo

I'm Mitsuo, an architect and CEO of Kohun Construction, an architecture firm located in Kannabe. I am the owner of Manba Kogen Lodge and will be your tour guide throughout your amazing discovery here.

I have moved to the Kannabe Highlands for more than 30 years. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people since this helps me to know more about the world, as well as allow me to live up to Japanese samurai, who value knowledge, spirit, and good experience. I hope this business can be a good start to build a great relationship between Japan (Kannabe) and people from around the world!

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Kannabe is yours to discover

We are waiting to welcome you on a personal tour of the area!

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